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Hey Friend! I'm Rodney. Let's see, where do I start. I recently relocated from Atlanta to DC. Yeah, I'm a Southern boy at heart. Life is crazy busy right now. I am an Emergency Manager for the Federal Government by day, working on my second master's degree by night, and now I've thrown a weekly podcast in the mix. Clearly, I have no personal life lol 😑… This might explain why I'm still single😩🏳️‍🌈. In my free time, I like to travel, play tennis, work out at Orange Theory, explore the city, and of course, find a good brunch spot. I must admit, I'm not the most prominent social media person, but I'm going to try and do better for you guys. Alrighty, catch me as your host on the next episode of Boozey Brunch & Tea Podcast.

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My name is Kookey aka “Kook Gotti” ! I am from Huntsville, AL! I attended the Illustrious Alabama A&M University for my Undergraduate and Master’s Degree. It was so nice, I had to do it twice! While attending Alabama A&M I founded a plus size organization by the name of Voluptuous Bulldogs Beauties, that empowered women to boost their overall self-confidence! Over 11 years later and this organization is still thriving on the campus and surrounding communities! I’m a mover and a shaker… So that means if a space isn’t created for me, I’ll create it myself!.

My most recent degree is an MBA in Logistics & Supply Chain Management! I currently work as a Program Support Coordinator of Purchasing. I am confident, sassy, and just a blast to be around! I radiate any space I enter with my loving and outgoing personality! I am the mom of the swaggiest kid ever! He means the world to me!  My hobbies include working out, drinking wine, creating meaningful relationships, 

traveling, spending time with my son, traveling, eating, and oh … did I mention traveling! “

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My name is Shontavia (Tavia). I recently relocated from ATL to the sunshine state 🌞. Why? Because I do what makes me happy! I attended Alabama A&M University as an undergraduate graduate student, and recently received my Master's of Emergency Management Degree from Jacksonville State University!!! 🎓🎓

My passion for helping others has led me to an amazing career with the Federal Government.

Outside of work I enjoy bringing a loving wife to my husband and mother to my beautiful daughter and fur baby. 

My hobbies include traveling, eating, shopping, exercising, learning new things, enjoying life, and doing ratchet things with my friends 🤣

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I’m Javi with only 28 years of living on planet Earth and here’s a short bio of me. I was born in Mexico but raised in the states. Being a first-generation Mexican American, my parents are my rock and support system along with my younger siblings. I take pride in my culture and I am also down to learn new ones! Currently, I am living in Atlanta, GA working for a federal bureau. In my spare time (when I’m not working or schooling) I like to hang out with friends, go out for drinks, and travel. I am an introverted individual who at times can be fun when adult drinks are consumed. So follow me on IG: @javimtz.11, and listen to Boozey, Brunch & Tea… oh and bring your favorite drink(s) you’re gonna want it.

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My name is Tyler AKA (T-Why?). I hail from Lake Erie circa 1986. My occupational specialty is a Software Engineer, but my first love is Cooking.

I have 2 beautiful women in my life (not a polygamist, also not opposed to it) the 1st is my lovely and fine-ass wife, and the 2nd is my gorgeous swiz kid daughter. I met both my daughter and wife while studying Alien computing languages at the esteemed Alabama A&M University. My hobbies include making my own BBQ sauce, day trading, screaming at the T.V. on Sundays, rubbing my wife’s feet, doing my daughter's hair, and making fun of other human beings while people watch.

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